Thursday, February 06, 2003

I was reading a magazine recently with a photo of the White Stripes and was suddenly struck by how much Meg White and I look alike. I don't mean in the way that my friend with really long blonde hair who went to concerts frequented by Smashing Pumpkins fan was mistaken for D'Arcy in the early '90s; that was the product of a generic distinctive trait. No, in the sense that if I were to shun makeup, severely pluck my eyebrows and wear my hair in long pigtails (three things I am highly unlikely to do), I probably wouldn't even need to don the White Stripes team colors for hipsters to assume that I were she. Especially in England, I could really have lots of fun exploiting someone else's fame. Just think of the false rumors of celebrity sightings I could instigate. Or the free drinks I could score. Good thing I'm an ethical person. Or that I'm not willing to pluck my eyebrows that thin.

Or maybe it was just the camera angle in that particular photo.

Anyway, if there's a chance of being mistaken for a famous person, I could do far worse. She's not someone I aspire to emulate, but it's cooler than when someone repeatedly yelled "Spice Girls!" out a car window at me because of the dress I was wearing.

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