Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Concert Recommendation: Apples in Stereo, Friday Feb. 14, Abbey Pub

As with last week's Luna shows, I'm halfhearted in touting this one. At least Luna had a history of greatness, but Apples in Stereo has a limited track record for me. I've only seen them once and found them disappointing, but it was also the same day I was turned down for a job I was really excited about, so their failure to move me may not have been their fault. In their favor: several great albums. Tone Soul Evolution was one of my favorite discs of 1997. I've only heard Discovery of a World Inside the Moone once or twice, but it continued their streak of wonderful indie pop. It's like '60s bubblegum music but with an air of sophistication.

So they're probably best avoided if you're really bummed about Valentine's Day, but worth a shot otherwise.

Alejandro Escovedo is also in town that night and is always mesmerizing, but both his shows at the Old Town School of Folk Music is already sold out.

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