Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Concert Recommendations for Friday, Feb. 28:
Detroit Cobras with the Greenhornes and the Drapes, 10 p.m., Double Door, 1572 N Milwaukee, Chicago, 773.489.3160
Ladytron with Simian and Out Hud, 10 p.m., Metro, 3730 N. Clark, Chicago, 773.549.0203

Friday is a good night for concerts in Chicago. The Detroit Cobras ply old soul covers but make them their own. Singer Rachel Nagy's presence comes across even in recording, and the rest of the band takes a garage/rockabilly approach rather than a strictly historical recreation. The Greenhornes are getting press as part of the neo-garage movement, which bodes well for the Double Door line-up.

Meanwhile, Ladytron are at the Metro doing vaguely kitschy synth pop, not until Stereo Total.

BTW, the Double Door does have a web site but I refuse to link to it in principle. The Metro site is annoying with its Flash splash page, but at least it doesn't force you to listen to music like the Double Door site does.

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