Monday, February 03, 2003

Concert Recommendation:  Luna, Thursday Feb. 6 and Friday Feb. 7, Abbey Pub

Gotta admit I'm a little hesitant to give a full-on recommendation for this show. In the mid 90s, Luna had been a reliably mesmerizing live act, and their second album, 1994's Bewitched, is still quite bewitching. But the last time I saw them, about two years ago at the Double Door, they were just so-so. On the other hand, one of the members, most likely leader Dean Wareham, was suffering from the flu, so there's good reason to hope it was just an off night. Plus, at the February 2000 show, one member was wearing a Strokes t-shirt, the first I'd heard of that band; I'd noticed the graphic style and assumed it was some obscure '70s band, and then I heard both the hype and the hype-justifying music, so clearly the Luna folks have good taste beyond their obvious Velvet Underground influence. They also scored coolness points for not playing "Slash Your Tires," the closest thing they ever had to a hit record.

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