Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Today is my birthday, which gives me cause to reflect on happy musical memories of birthdays past.

1979 I get Cruisin' by the Village People, with the song "Y.M.C.A." as a bat mitzvah gift.
1982 I have recently broken up with my first boyfriend. I no longer pretend to be a Beatles fan to win him over. I have nothing against the Beatles, but there are lots of bands I'd rather listen to, like the Police.
1987 My alarm clock goes off and I hear "With or Without You," the first single off The Joshua Tree, for the first time.
1992 I interview David Gedge of the Wedding Present for the first time.  Later that day, at my request, my brother gives me the The Trouser Press Record Guide for my birthday. Little did I imagine that years later I'd be writing about David Gedge for another incarnation of Trouser Press.
1998 I see Fatboy Slim for the first time.
1999 I see Love and Rockets on what turns out to be their final tour the night before my birthday and write the review of the show on the day itself.
2002 My husband gets me Message in a Box, the Police box set, for my birthday. Scarily, I guess what it is from the shape of the package. Listening to it makes me feel 16 years old again for all the good reasons (see description of 1982 above.)

Alas, this isn't looking like a good year for forming new musical memories.

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