Wednesday, March 05, 2003

If only it were true.

I recently received email with the subject line "Geek Music Library New Webpage." Suddenly my mind was swirling. Was it a library of music by geeks, a whole collection devoted to works by the likes of They Might Be Giants and the Talking Heads? Was it music about geeks, and I couldn't think of anything other than the Dr. Demento hit "Pencil Neck Geek"? Or was it simply a library for music geeks, people such as myself and those chronicled in High Fidelity who obsess over the minutia of music?

Sadly, it was none of those. It was just a typo in an announcement about a Greek music library. The email, from the library in Greece, had other misspellings, but I can't scoff because the writer's English is still far better than my Greek.

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