Sunday, March 09, 2003

Last night, I attended a party for Chunklet at Quimby's. A copy of the latest issue, with the "Pay to Not Play" cover story, provided endless entertainment during the lulls between calls when I was volunteering at the WLUW pledge drive, and it didn't leave me feeling guilty the way the Double Stuff Oreos did. In the same spirit as the Well Hung at Dawn Column on, the 'zine pokes fun at bands and makes jokes about semi-obscure music that are funny just for the obscurity of it. For example, a piece in Chunklet pondered which label was most likely to reissue Hunters & Collectors albums. I can think of maybe two people other than myself in the whole United States who even know of Hunters & Collectors well enough to care.

Issue 17 of the irregularly-produced Chunklet is available at Quimby's, from the Chunklet web site, or I suppose wherever else fine zines with irregular production schedules are sold.

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