Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My next speaking engagement

I wrote for ROCKRGRL until it ceased publication. Since then, editor/publisher Carla DeSantis has produced events, including the upcoming ROCKRGRL Day at the Institute for Musical Arts in Goshen, MA, at which I will be a panelist.

Here's the full description:

It's coming up soon, December 6th is ROCKRGRL DAY at IMA (The Institute for the Musical Arts in Goshen, MA).

The day long symposium is a great opportunity for sharing ideas, strategizing and networking - creating ways to help you build a successful career in music despite the economic downturn.

Carla DeSantis, founding editor of Rockrgrl Magazine, has pulled together a fabulous group of women whose careers and expertise range cover all the bases - from music performance, songwriting, radio, recording and production; to running a label, artist promotion management and booking; to music law and publishing.
The event starts at 10:30am with DeSantis interviewing Robin Lane, founder of Robin Lane and the Chartbusters and now A Woman's Voice.  Robin has a fascinating history in the music business and is taking her songwriting talents to women who need them most, trauma survivors.

Lunch will be served on the premises from noon to one followed by these panels and panelists:

1-2:30 - Are the Glory Days of the Music Industry Behind Us?
 Moderator: Ann Hackler, (IMA Executive Director) - Panelists: Nini Camp (musician), Liz Borden(musician, DJ) and Norma Coates (professor, Media Studies)
2:45-4:15 - How To Make a Living In Tough Economic Times.
 Moderator: Emily Lichter, (Public Emily management/promotion) - Panelists:  Brooke Primont (Cherry Hill Publishing), Kudisan Kai (vocalist/ teacher Berklee) and Kristin Bredimus (promoter/ NEMO/BMA)
4:30-6:00 - Tomorrow: What Will A Career In Music Look Like?
 Moderator: Leah Kunkel (artist/attorney) - Panelists:   Beth Tallman (VP Rykodisc), June Millington  (musician/producer/IMA cofounder) and Marci Cohen (music journalist)

The event costs $75 for adults and $50 for youth/students.  Anyone who has participated in IMA's summer music program for teen aged girls can attend for $25.  Scholarships are also available.  To register on-line go to:

or you can send a check made payable to IMA to: P.O Box 867, Goshen, MA 01032

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