Monday, April 21, 2003

Since I was recently listening to one of these songs, I provide this High Fidelity-inspired list of:

Top 5 Songs to Listen to When Unexpectedly Laid Off
  1. "Mr. Suit," New Bomb Turks. Their cover version is much more visceral than Wire's detached original.
  2. "Hate The Police," Mudhoney
  3. "You're Gonna Miss Me," 13th Floor Elevators
  4. "Head Like a Hole," Nine Inch Nails. Really an all-purpose song about karmic vengeance.
  5. "Birth School Work Death," The Godfathers
And Song 5.5, for after the initial shock has worn off and you've move on to bitter sarcasm: "Rainy Day Parade," Jill Sobule.

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